Mini Schedule

Show steps of an activity.

mini schedule 1
building routines

building routines

Develop routines by chaining behaviors.

mini schedule 2
Appropriate action

Appropriate action

Well placed visuals refocus students.

remembering the order of tasks

remembering the order of tasks

Visual reminders help students complete long sequences.

When to use:

  • Use to show the individual steps of an activity or routine.
  • Use to help students and staff follow steps consistently.
  • Use as a reminder of the appropriate order of steps.

How to use:

  1. Break the task down into steps.
  2. Create a cue card strip with a visual and text for each step.
  3. Place the laminated mini schedule where students can easily see it while performing the task or activity (e.g.- put a hand washing mini schedule above the sink or include a mini schedule with a structured work system).
  4. Adjust and fade the steps as needed.


  • Mini schedules can be made so that students can pull individually laminated cards off of a velcro strip and move them to a second strip or place them in a “finished box” to keep track of which step they are on. This may work well with a structured work system where the order can be changed as needed to provide variety.


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