Family/Teacher Communication Form

Facilitates family/teacher communication.



Here is a sample of what a filled out form might look like.

When to use:

  • When your student can not reliably communicate the events of their day.
  • Regular use with students can increase family/teacher communication, as well as strengthen intervention support in both school and home settings.
    • Family can learn about the successes and needs of their child in school.
    • Teachers can be made aware of important factors in a student’s life, such as health concerns, sleeping and eating patterns, and other factors that might affect performance in the classroom.
  • Can be used as a part of a Daily Take-Home Folder.

How to use:

1. Identify the information that is valuable for you and your student’s family to share. Create a double sided or divided form to separate the outgoing teacher notes from the incoming family notes.

Possible teacher to family topics include:

      • Today’s activities/schedule
      • Upcoming events/needed items
      • General notes, especially celebrations or successes

Possible family to teacher topics include:

      • Changes in routine
      • Dietary or other restrictions
      • Upcoming absences
      • General notes

2. At the beginning of the year, talk to the family about your goal to develop communication channels between school and home. Ask them if the communication form will be a useful tool.

3. Schedule time in your day to complete the form.

4. Designate a place where the student keeps the form when taking it home and returning it to school. Using a daily take-home folder can increase the likelihood of this form successfully making the journey each day.

5. Designate a place and time of the day for students to return yesterday’s form to you for review of any family comments.


  • Communication forms could be filled out daily or weekly. The more often they are used; however, the more information can be shared. Daily use can help identify events or circumstances in a student’s life that will affect their performance that day.
  • Modify the form to each individual student’s needs.


This form can be shared digitally if both teacher and family are more likely to participate and it complies with district policies.


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