Line Up Visual- Floor Markers

Visual prompt to remind student where to stand when lining up.

Space Markers out

Space Markers out

Make sure that the markers are spaced far enough apart.

Tape markers down

Tape markers down

Covering the markers with tape will help them last longer.

Markers can be themed

Markers can be themed

Try using creative cut outs or pictures of the students!

When to use:

  • Use to replace verbal reminders or prompts.
  • Use when a student has difficulty lining up, waiting in line, or maintaining their place in line.
  • Use to quickly and quietly redirect a student.
  • Use when lining up to make a transition.


  • Make sure the student is taught where to line up. Some students may need to practice lining up on their spot multiple times before they are able to do it without additional support.
  • Video modeling may be an effective tool to help teach this to students who need additional support.

How to use:

1. Teach the student to stand on their specific marker when provided a prompt (verbal or visual) to line up.

2. Practice lining up with the student individually, in small groups, and then as a class.


  • To extend the life of your markers, use packing tape and cover the entire marker when affixing them to the floor.
  • If the expectation is to stand in line before the next transition, students should be taught what waiting looks like and sounds like when in line. A wait card may be used to provide visual support to a student learning to wait or one who needs reminders of the expectations.


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