Social Autopsy

A tool that helps students understand a social mistake and how to correct it in the future.

Social Autopsy Example

Social Autopsy Example

Example of a situation at school

When to use:

  • To help a student better understand a social situation.
  • To help the student respond more appropriately in the future.

How to use:

  • Identify an area with privacy to discuss the situation with the student.
  • Complete the worksheet:
    • Identify the error
    • Identify who was harmed by the error
    • Decide how to correct the error
    • Develop a plan so the error doesn’t happen again
  • Model and role play the plan prior to the student carrying it out.
  • Follow up with the student after the plan has been carried out.


  • Initially model how to use the worksheet, then as appropriate, begin to give the student more independence.
  • You may need to help the student by providing options for the steps. For example: If the error is a student damages another student’s personal item, options for correcting the error could be to apologize, repair the item, or to replace the item.
  • Pairing visuals can facilitate increased understanding.


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