Data Collection- Pocket Transfer

Use your pockets and small objects such as paperclips or pennies to take easy, on-the-move data.

Common objects

Common objects

Use simple classroom objects to help you track behaviors.

Always with you

Always with you

Carry data markers to seize unplanned data opportunities.

Frequency Data

Frequency Data

Identify trends in behavior by collecting frequency data.

When to use:

  • This method of collection allows you to stay focused on observing and accurately counting behaviors.
  • Use to track student behaviors or skills.
  • Use for behaviors that happen throughout the day.
  • Use for behaviors that happen during an active task where you need your hands free.
  • Best for taking data on how often a behavior happens (known as frequency data).

How to use:

  1. Identify the target behavior and place a handful of paperclips in your left pocket.
  2. Each time you observe the behavior, take one paperclip from one pocket and transfer it to the other.
  3. At the end of the observation period, count the total number of paperclips in your “other” pocket and write that number on the data collection sheet of your choosing.


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